Easter Changes Everything {Spoken Word Poem}

Happy Easter! I had the privilege of writing & performing a spoken word poem with my friends over at Westwood Church this morning. I hope it blesses you and helps you to remember how loved we all are (the video is at the bottom).

With deep hope,


You whispered in the final minutes before death came, I’m sure—

And what must you have said?

You’re worth it, Beloveds.

Of course, this is my interpretation—but how could you have not?


I imagine you thinking about each of the faces you would rescue;

Every heart that is broken,

Every body that is disconnected from goodness,

Every trauma still being relived—

You came to bring it back to rights.


Jesus, as you knew what you faced on that cross,

I’m certain you felt fear—of course you did.  

You were fully God and man;

You asked the father to take this cup from you in that garden.

And yet, you chose the harder way even then.


Jesus, you were no stranger to a body that is limited—

One who experienced all that comes with humanity.

But I’m certain you thought of the wholeness your pain would bring us.

You remembered why we needed you.


And when you considered how vulnerable, how fragile we all are,

I can’t help but hear you say: “You are dust, my loves—but you’re valuable dust.”

And from this dust, you bring back life again and again and again.


Then the morning came,

And you threw off death like the King you are.

You broke the chains that bind us, so that even while we are still being made new

You reminded us the final battle is done.


Death was trampled SO that we may truly, completely, fully, and unabashedly live.

And while we are still being made new,

You have promised that you never,

No, never, leave us.


We needed to know—and still do—

There will be a time that you will set it all to rest.

Jesus, you are the truest, best,

Surest Savior we could ever have.

Easter—Changes Everything.