3 Ways to Grow Spiritually We Don't Hear Enough About {Guest Post for Relevant}

Several years ago, I started to feel stuck as a therapist. I found many clients desired change, but instead, continually cycled through self-sabotaging behaviors or felt suffocated by shame.

“What is it?” They wondered to me aloud.

Don’t I want it enough? Am I not praying enough? Not enough faith?

I observed traditional talk therapy was helpful to an extent, but many people knew all about change and yet didn’t know how to experience it. I also discovered this was no different for Christians than it was for my non-Christian clients. In some instances, it even meant Christians were harsher toward themselves because they believed they should be healed already. 

Often, their self-critique was relentless.

After continuing in my own personal growth as a person and therapist, I began seeking additional training in trauma and body-centered perspectives. Here is what I found: People don’t actually want to be stuck! 

(Surprising, I know.)

Instead, many folks are caught in the well-worn neural pathways of a brain and body that doesn’t know how to change. Often, people find themselves coping with situations the best way they know how.

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