What I'm Into & An Update

Hello, dear reader!

I'm trying my hand at something new today. I'm sharing some of my favorite (recent) books and other lovely things. And at the end, I'd love to give you a (big, exciting) update on what's new with me. 


Are you like me? Do you drool over beautiful script? My dear friend, Kristie, recently started her own business called "Write It On Your Walls." I've known Kristie since way back in seminary days and she's always been creative and resourceful. It's thrilling to see folks come alive doing what they love, isn't it? This is absolutely true for this gem of a woman and her work reflects it. 

I'm the lucky owner of the sign below and it now hangs proudly in my kitchen. I'd encourage you to follow Kristie on Facebook and Instagram and see more of her beautiful work! 


1. Shauna Niequist's newest book "Present Over Perfect" is speaking my language right now. I'm about half way through and I find myself constantly nodding my head, underlining, and every once in awhile finding I need to stop to digest her words.

Our culture is adept at pushing us to strive. And while I'm all for excellence, it seems our distorted beliefs around value being found in hustling and productivity are slowly killing us. This is why Shauna's words are a little bit of what we all need to hear right now:

"In seasons of deep transformation, silence will be your greatest guide. Even if it's scary, especially if it's scary, let silence be your anchor, your sacred space, your dwelling place. It's where you will become used to your own voice...Silence will become the incubator for your new found spirit, keeping it safe, growing steadily." - Shauna Niequist

You can follow Shauna on Facebook or look to purchase her book here

2. If you've followed me for awhile, you may know I have a passion for reading and from that a hobby developed-- launch teams! A launch team is basically a group of folks who share about authors and their stories. Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of launching "Four Letter Words" by Krista Wilbur. I had the opportunity to get to know Krista through the "For the Love" launch team and I have been amazed at her courage. 

Krista's story reads like a novel but is beautifully and painfully true. (As a counselor, I also want to advise a trigger warning for those of you who've experienced abuse). She articulates her experience walking through abuse and trauma and ultimately her resilient move towards healing. I was moved by the way Krista integrated her faith, pain, and story so well-- be sure to check her out.  

"He has written me, line by line, a bloom of petals on the page"
-Krista Wilbur

You can follow Krista on Facebook and purchase her book here. 


Have you met Johnnyswim? They're basically amazing and if you've haven't heard them yet-- may I submit this smooth beauty to you: 


Earlier this year, when we lost our precious babe to miscarriage-- my heart was broken. There's simply no way around this truth. And this is how we know we care deeply about something, we hurt over the loss of it. In the months since then, I've healed in many respects. One of the things I was blessed to have received in the aftermath of our loss is a beautiful leather bracelet from another sweet friend. She gifted it to me from the fabulously talented Danielle at her online store: Create Hope Cuffs. The words to that little beauty have adorned my wrist so frequently and this is what it says: We Can Do Hard Things. 

How many times have I said this to myself in the last 6 months? Too many to count-- and I'm glad I had something so tangible to remind me and ground me. Check out Danielle's Facebook and Etsy store!  


And now, onto a bit of an update. As I mentioned above, I've started to share my journey through infertility and miscarriage. I have so appreciated words of kindness as we've walked through the grief of those experiences. Both infertility and miscarriage tend to hold heavy stigmas. I hope to use my voice to continue to bring light to the reality of these losses and the courage it takes to process them well. I am passionate and confident in the importance of telling each of our stories--all the pieces of them. This, I'm convinced, is how the healing and the joy become deeper and richer. When we embrace the pain of our story we find God is sitting with us, loving us deeply, moving us toward healing. 

So, to keep things REALLY interesting-- I also find myself typing at my computer with a baby boy in my belly-- 22 weeks pregnant. (Eeeeekkkk!!!!!!)

This has been something I've kept tucked close for awhile, but it's a joy to share with you now. As our story unfolds I'm sure I'll be writing more in the future. For now, I'd love your prayers as we move forward-- stunned at God's faithfulness and grateful for the journey. 

Thank you again for your love and support.