My Most Clicked Posts of 2016

Well, hello!

I haven’t been around here much as I’ve finished up my pregnancy and then welcomed our newborn son a few weeks ago. But, I love a good round up post for the year. With that in mind, I've come out of the newborn haze for a minute to compile my most read blogs of 2016. 

I'd be honored if you'd give it a read, share it, or shoot me a comment and tell me what moves you. Enjoy!  

5. 5 Ways to be Kind to Yourself in the Middle of the Storm

I love that this is in my top five posts for the year because who didn’t have a tough 2016, at least in some respect? But in all seriousness, much of what I wrote here stems from personal experience as well as teaching clients how to care for themselves through difficult situations. I hope it encourages you too! 

4. A Letter to Those Who Wait

This particular post is so dear to my heart. Last year, before I decided to discuss our struggle with infertility I wrote this post for the Glorious Table. It continues to be a favorite of mine as it points to God's faithfulness in the middle of whatever we long for. 

3. In the Meantime: Thoughts on grieving WEll

For our family, 2016 was a beautiful year, but also a rollercoaster. This post on grief came from my own reflections on grieving our miscarriage. Through the year I was honored and blessed as folks gave me feedback on ways it touched them and encouraged them through their pain. 

2. In Which Your Everyday Messy Life is Beautiful

As a recovering perfectionist one of the most difficult lessons I continue to learn and re-learn is engaging the messiness of life and letting it be what it is. The intersection of beauty and chaos has become something I love to write about. Primarily because it's a space I find God speaks to me and grows me. This post is all about learning this lesson in a deeper way. 

1. Learning to Celebrate in the Middle of Pain

Finally, this blog for Huffington Post was my most read of the year. In it I share about holding the joy of my daughter's life in one hand and the pain of losing a baby in the other. Even still, this piece moves me because of the way it shaped and grew our year. 


What about you? What was your favorite post this year? I'd love to know! 

Blessings to you in the coming year, and thanks for reading!