An Advent Lament

Today, I had planned on another topic for this post. But as our nation grieves so much pain and loss, I choose to use my voice to create space to process. Our culture doesn't always grieve well, we aren't ever really taught how. But the Bible is so full of examples of authentic lamentations; I believe God is modelling healthy grief for us. Psychologically, we also know that unless and until we process our grief, we easily become stuck there and aren't able to move forward. Merriam-Webster defines lament in this way, "to express sorrow, regret, or unhappiness about something." So on this day, I invite you to join me in lament, so that we can move forward. 

O God, rend the heavens and come down!

We grieve here on earth watching people in so much pain. 

How long will we sit in this God?

When, father, will you cause your kingdom to come? 

How long will evil live free? 

How long will we demand an eye for an eye?

How long, Lord? 

We grow weary and tired as we wait for you this advent, Jesus. O that you would use this pain to cause us to lean into you, to be wiser, and to change what you have set about for us to change. Not in our own strength, but in yours.  

God that we would affirm your image in every person. That we would value all life. That we would fight for your kingdom in the best way taught to us, by your love.

O Lord that we would see the way our hate and polarization only causes pain and trauma to grow.

In our weakness, use us. 

Let change happen God, and let it begin with me.